Jobs With A Psychology Degree | Top 10 Jobs You Can Get With A Psychology Degree

Jobs With A Psychology Degree

Jobs With A Psychology Degree, psychology degree
Jobs With A Psychology Degree

Recently graduated with a degree in Psychology? Literally, have no idea what jobs you can take with a degree in the study of the human mind and behavior? It may alarm you, but a degree holder in Psychology, such as yourself may be, is not only confined to becoming a shrink who listens to different people for an hour every single day while they lie down on a couch. Although a staple stereotype, which may still be a career path for you if you so choose it, it is not the only path of a Psychology graduate. Jobs With A Psychology Degree have more to them than you think.
The most common Jobs With A Psychology Degree a graduate in Psychology may choose to pursue would be a psychologist in varying fields. Those shrinks you see on television or the movies who listen to those clients lying down on the couch are pretty much general psychologists. You can focus on specific types of branches to be a psychologist

Some of the jobs you may pursue are:

  • School psychologist (sometimes called the guidance counselor in the school itself)
  • Sports psychologist (very important for professional athletes to consult with)

  • Forensic psychologist (very much like a certain television show which has a lot to do with bones)

  • Engineering psychologist (believe it or not, they focus on peoples relationships with machinery  and other types of technology)

  • Corporate psychologist (one of the Psychology degree jobs closer to the shrinks you see on the movies and the television shows)

  • Clinical psychologist (dealing more on literal mental health)

        These are only some of the branches in which you could put to use that psychology you learned from before you graduated. It might take a little more focused study on the specified field, but money is never hindered. These, however, as mentioned earlier, are not the only Jobs With A Psychology Degree you Psychology graduates out there may pursue.
You may also have Jobs With A Psychology Degree such as becoming:
  • Advertising agents (since you know how the masses think, you may design the advertisement according to what the masses want).
  • Writers (almost anybody can write; it takes something special to become a good writer, and having a degree in Psychology helps).
  • Consultants (This job may branch out again even wider to other branches where consultancy is required).
  • Market researchers (a Psychology graduate’s expertise in the statistical analysis may come in handy in this job).
  • Teachers (probably the most commonly overlooked Psychology degree jobs, as well as a general job overall, in the whole world, a Psychology graduate will definitely be one of the best teachers out there)
When it comes to looking for Jobs With A Psychology Degree, you need not be boxed into just the staple stereotype psychologist jobs.
 Psychology is the study of how the mind works and how an individual behaves. Any career job wherein a person’s behavior or thinking is involved, a Psychology graduate may thrive in.

Jobs You Can Get With A Psychology Degree

Taking a psychology degree in college can lead to a lot of possibilities. There are medical, academic, and corporate tracks for graduates of psychology. The majority of psychology graduates enter the corporate world either in research or in human resources.
Psychology degree jobs in HR departments of big corporations are not just limited to recruitment and screening new applicants. Human Resources also deals with training and research. 
Corporations are always trying to find ways to make the best use of their personnel. Additionally, Human Resources personnel are trained to evaluate personnel with the use of employee data, key performance indicators, and personnel and psychological tests and evaluations.
Within the corporate environment, other fairly common Jobs With A Psychology Degree entail studying the target market for a new or existing product. The psychology graduate would be part of the marketing, or research and development team, and tasked to understand how buyers would react to a new product. 
Understanding the target market is an important part of market research. The surveyor test results can help in improving a product in order to better position it for the market.
Various Question arises in our mind like,
What can I do with a psychology degree in the medical field?
What can I do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology?
The field of medicine is another area with many Jobs With A Psychology Degree. Those intending to go into medicine can take psychology in college. This career path can also allow a cross over to becoming a psychiatrist. Clinical psychology is one medical field which has a heavy emphasis on research. There are either many fun jobs with a psychology degree
In the academe, Jobs With A Psychology Degree is not limited to teaching or higher education. It does entail additional graduate courses and research. Teaching psychology follows the same career path for those in other fields. In-depth research into the various fields of psychology is a requirement in order to advance in the university. A professor usually earns his tenure by publishing his research in peer-reviewed publications.
Jobs With A Psychology Degree are quite unique as there is always some form of research included in the job profile. The research done is usually industry-specific which aims to better understand how people react to a given situation. 
For instance, in manufacturing, the research may be to find ways to improve employee motivation on the shop floor. In medicine, the research may be more organic and involve relationships between patients and the hospital environment. That is not to say that Jobs With A Psychology Degree is all about research, but the psychology graduate is usually in a unique position to be adept at using research tools and interpreting results on human psychology testing.

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